Want to help to protect your workforce from flu this winter? Protect against business disruption? Minimise risk and reduce absenteeism?

As businesses and organisations struggle to run effective, efficient service due to illness and absenteeism through the continued pandemic we are offering flu vaccination clinics on site at your place of work to fit in around your business needs to help protect you and your business from the winter flu.

More than ever, it is vital to have a flu vaccination. The Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation have all stated that it is vital that vaccinations continue amid COVID-19 to avoid a flu epidemic, putting increasing pressure on the NHS, workforces and the wider public. The flu season is typically January to April. so, vaccination between September and December is imperative. The best way to mitigate the risk against the flu virus is with a workplace flu vaccination programme.

Flu symptoms are severe and will invariably keep a member of staff off work for at least a week. The virus attacks the throat, nose and lungs causing high fever, headaches, aching joints, coughs, and general tiredness.

Flu vaccination has proven to reduce staff absenteeism. Even if symptoms are mild, it is not advisable that the member of staff attends work as the flu virus is highly contagious.

Flu virus cases are expected to surge this year, despite the NHS having planned their biggest vaccination programme, however not everyone is eligible, and others will struggle to fit having a flu jab around work. By offering onsite flu vaccinations you make it easy for all employees to protect themselves while at work with minimum disruption or inconvenience.

It is very easy to organise to have your staff vaccinated at a minimum cost, contact our sales team to arrange a convenient clinic time and date.


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