Published December 2023

The microbiome is an intricate community of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, all of which reside in our stomach, skin, and various organs. The microbiome affects digestion, immunity, mental health, and much much more.

Here at Concierge Medical, the more we learn about the importance of the microbiome, the more we are amazed by the impact it can have on our health. It aids in digestion, helps absorb nutrients and influences our immune system, offering protection against harmful pathogens. New and ongoing research suggests that the microbiome has a significant impact on mental health and mood regulation. The Microbiome are our little internal allies!

Your private GP at Concierge Medical can help you understand many facets of your well-being, including your microbiome. Our approach is not just about treating the layers of symptoms, but also about understanding the underlying factors that contribute to your health. Your microbiome is as unique as your fingerprints and with access to cutting-edge tests and diagnostics, we are able to support you in your journey to understand the health of your microbiome. We can help you assess your overall health, focusing on issues that may effect the microbiome, offer advice and arrange diagnostics, and support with the interpretation of results, to jointly develop a personalise plan for a microbiome-friendly way of life. This might be through lifestyle changes, or with medications or a mixture of both. Our access to a diverse range of health specialist is unique, if more in depth investigations are required we can support you every step of the way.

We can enable our members to tailor their own personalised approach to wellness. Your journey to understanding your Microbiome starts here.

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