It was my intention to write my next blog post about the current NHS crisis. Honestly! But every now and again, something appears in your consciousness which is so good that it deserves to be applauded and spread as far and as wide as possible. So huge congratulations to St John Ambulance (the nation’s leading first aid charity who want to teach everyone simple, life saving skills) for producing The Chokeables. The film shows how to stop a baby choking. Please watch it…………….

Most Hollywood movies and TV dramas would have you believe that, in a choking adult, the Heimlich manoeuvre (abdominal thrust) is the treatment of choice. In fact, back slaps (five sharp blows between the shoulder blades) should be your starting point before attempting abdominal thrusts. For the Resuscitation Council guidelines on adult choking, click here


The next post will be more highbrow. But less likely to save lives!