Remember when you knew who your family doctor was and when nothing was too much trouble for them?

You could always get a same day appointment and house calls were commonplace?

Back in 2013, Dr Karl Braine, and Dr Simon Gillson, Medical Directors and founders of the UK’s first private concierge medicine practice, Concierge Medical, had a vision; the future of primary care, the option of a private, purely home visiting GP practice combining modern medicine with traditional values. Their mission, simply, to provide patients with the best private medical care available in the UK.

Karl and Simon met whilst working together at the Ambulance Service as GP’s specialising in pre-hospital medicine, and both understood and appreciated the value of the traditional home visit experience. They sought to combine this with the proven major health benefits stemming from continuity of care offered by the same family doctor.

Fast forward eight years and the multi national award winning practice continues to thrive, now having eight doctors, a growing nursing service, a full practice support team and an established private medical health network. The Practice continues to evolve to meet patient needs, now providing a fully comprehensive medical service to its members with strong plans for future growth and development.

The home consultation is at the heart of Concierge Medical and is where primary care is most effective as regular visits can improve wellbeing, relieve anxiety and help achieve an early diagnosis. Timely visits can often prevent health issues from escalating and becoming critical.

Our practice membership is an all inclusive monthly subscription which covers unlimited access to home visits, 24/7 advice and flexible consultations with their doctor, meaning patients are not penalised with hefty invoices when they are unwell and require more attention.

Alleviating the frustration of accessing medical services, our practice assigns a doctor to each patient member to assure continuity of care. On joining, our members enjoy the convenience of a house call in the comfort and privacy of their own home for introductions without time restrictions to discuss their health. To put this in perspective, our Concierge Medical doctors have 90% fewer patients than your average GP, having the luxury of time to visit and be highly responsive to member needs. Having time to listen to your health concerns, discuss and advise, enabling the building of an honest and trusted ongoing doctor/patient relationship. Our doctors take accountability, offering an independent, unbiased opinion and options with a personal and supportive approach.

Whilst the investment money seems to continue to flow into medical technology apps to enable remote video and phone consultations within the public and private sector, nothing can replace the value of the traditional home-visit by your own doctor, so we will continue to champion our traditional values.
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Pictured: Business Founders Dr Karl Braine, (left), and Dr Simon Gillson, (right) pictured back in 2013.