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We are often asked by our patients if they have to give up their NHS GP when paying for a private GP, in some cases our patients have been told, incorrectly, that this is the case. We feel it is important for anyone looking at private GP services to know that you do not

Group Strep A – Information and advice

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Scarlet Fever and Group A Streptococcal infection are contagious infections which are commonest in children aged 2-8 years of age. They are more common in the winter and spring and are easily treated with antibiotics. Scarlet Fever and Group A Streptococcal infection are caused by a bacteria called Streptococcus Pyogenes which is commonly carried on the skin and in the throat with no

  • New Blood Test for Multi-Cancer Screening

New Blood Test for Multi-Cancer Screening

Concierge Medical are excited to announce a partnership with Datar Cancer Genetics to offer a new cancer screening blood test to our members. The Trucheck™ Multi-Cancer Screening tests for over 70 different types of cancer by looking for circulating tumour cells and crucially, is able to diagnose cancers in the early stages before symptoms develop. We know

  • Concierge Medical Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccination Clinics

This year Concierge Medical are offering pop-up flu vaccination clinics across the Cotswolds to ensure the vaccination roll out is managed effectively and efficiently for your convenience.

  • Concierge Medical Announced LaingBuisson Finalist


The local leading private home visiting General Practice are announced a finalist in the prestigious, national LaingBuisson Awards in the category of Primary Care & Diagnostics. Concierge Medical, founded in 2013, is a private general practice providing continuity of care for its members across the Cotswolds and surrounding areas. Members have access to doctors through

Keith Holland Opticians

Concierge Medical Private Health Network - Keith Holland Opticians - An independent, award-winning opticians, taking time to understand the health and concerns of their clients, allowing time to examine your and time to help you find the right glasses and lenses for you.

  • Worcestershire Private Doctor

Introducing New Private GP in Worcestershire

Concierge Medical is delighted to welcome our new Private GP to the team, Dr Rebecca Read. With this exciting news, we continue to build our membership base across the Cotswolds which covers parts of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. 

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Beat the Heat

Summer has finally arrived and whilst we enjoy the good weather with reports of unprecedented prolonged high temperatures there is a danger it may leave some of us feeling wilted. Read our tips for coping in the hot weather.