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PATIENT SURVEY RESULTS MAY 2015 We are continually striving to improve the private doctor service that we offer in the Cotswolds and Stratford Upon Avon, and appreciate any ongoing feedback and comments that we get from both members and non-members. We review and act on all suggestions that we receive. We issued our very first

Herd Immunity

Last week I wrote an article on meningitis W for Cotswold Allure website (click here to see the full text). In it, I mentioned a concept known as herd immunity (sometimes more poetically termed 'community immunity') and understanding the concept is central to the whole vaccine debate. Herd immunity occurs when a high percentage of

The Vaccine Debate pt I

          I'll start by apologising to those readers who have clicked onto this blog to read about the 'vaccine debate'. That's because, in one sense, there really is no debate. Not at all. Vaccines are easily one of the greatest inventions of all time.     Vaccines save lives. And not

The Fastest Hour

I've already documented that, at Concierge Medical Practice, we're huge supporters of Meningitis Now (click here for a previous blog). This week they launched a powerful film entitled 'The Fastest Hour'. Please find time to watch it. It lasts one minute and could save a life. Maybe yours. Maybe your child's. There's literally nothing you've

A day in the life of a Concierge GP

I'm writing this blog in response to an online article entitled 'A day in the life of a GP doctor' I read a few days ago. Clearly, as with many such articles, one suspects that an element of poetic license is involved. That being said, it's not difficult to empathise with the author and the

The Assisted Dying Bill

I promised that my next blog post would be more highbrow and, in tackling the Assisted Dying Bill, I've certainly delivered on that. Lord Falconer's bill is currently being discussed and refined in the House of Lords. In the process of blogging I hope to capture my stance on assisted dying and clear up some

Please share with other humans

It was my intention to write my next blog post about the current NHS crisis. Honestly! But every now and again, something appears in your consciousness which is so good that it deserves to be applauded and spread as far and as wide as possible. So huge congratulations to St John Ambulance (the nation's leading first

Meningitis B vaccines

There are approximately 10 new cases of meningitis per day in the UK, with meningitis B being responsible for around half of those infections. But it's easily preventable by a simple course of vaccinations. Sadly, those vaccines are not available on the NHS at the present time (indeed, the current situation is fully covered on

Dr Simon scales the peaks for MeningitisNOW

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http://www.thecotswoldsgentleman.co.uk/star-tekker.html FEATURES STAR TREKKER When a North Cotswolds Private GP service was asked to donate a raffle prize,  Dr Simon Gillson never imagined that he would be at the top of England's highest peak. We meet him and hear his story.  0  0 Google +0 A few months ago  Concierge Medical Practice  was asked to