• Planning for end of life

Planning for End of Life

At Concierge Medical, we believe in an open culture that talks about death, where our members feel listened to and have support to help planning when the time comes.

  • Private GP - How to Spot Scarlet Fever

How to Spot Scarlet Fever

As a parent it can be worrying and distressing to see your child unwell, not recognising symptoms or knowing how best to treat your child at home.  Here’s our easy ‘how to spot scarlet fever and when to call the doctor' guide.

  • Private GP

Private GP service offers continuity of care

Continuity of care has been proven to reduce the need for out-of-hours care, acute hospitalisations, and mortality. It can be lifesaving to be treated by a doctor who knows you.

  • Private GP Covid Update

Private GP Covid Update – February 2022

Covid update from our Private GP Practice. From this month, fully vaccinated people travelling to England and Scotland will no longer have to take any Covid tests - either before departure or after arrival.