Concierge Medical are excited to announce a partnership with Datar Cancer Genetics to offer a new cancer screening blood test to our members.

The Trucheck™ Multi-Cancer Screening tests for over 70 different types of cancer by looking for circulating tumour cells and crucially, is able to diagnose cancers in the early stages before symptoms develop.

We know that early detection of cancer is vital for successful treatment and cure. Late detection invariably leads to intensive and toxic treatments, high treatment costs and sadly occasional treatment failure.

Trucheck™ is a revolutionary test, based on a simple blood sample, for the early detection of multiple types of cancer. For positive results, the test can tell us about the type of cancer and which organ it started from so further investigations, such as imaging, can be focused.

We’ve spent time going through the studies and speaking to the team at Datar Cancer Genetics. Although no test is 100 percent accurate, real-world data has shown a sensitivity, depending on the tumor, of 65% – 89% and a specificity of 96% – 99%.

Whilst anyone can take the test, it’s most useful for those aged above 40 or those with a family history of cancer or personal risk factors. It should not replace the annual health screen or other more established screening tests (such as smear tests, mammograms etc) but it looks to be a very useful adjunct to our preventative care programme. It is also not appropriate for anyone who has any worrying symptoms – in these cases, the existing investigation pathways should be followed.

The blood test will be done at home by one of our clinical team and needs to be a fasting sample (6 hrs fasting before the test). The sample will be couriered to the laboratory for processing. It takes approximately 2 weeks to get the results, which your Concierge doctor will discuss with you. The cost of the comprehensive test is £950 for members (which includes all consultations, the blood test and the courier charges).


Does Trucheck™ replace conventional cancer screening?

No. However, your doctor can advise if Trucheck™ is suitable for you to use alongside standard care screening options

Do I have to go through a Doctor?

Yes. Your doctor must approve and prescribe a Trucheck™ test for you.

Is Trucheck™ recommended for a person suspected of having cancer?

No. In these circumstances, you should be seeking urgent specialist medical advice under the care of your doctor.

Where can I take the test?

Your doctor or nurse will come to your home.

How can I get a Trucheck™ test?

Contact your Concierge doctor who will discuss the test with you and set up a pre-screen consultation with you.

What cancers does Trucheck™ Intelli detect?

Trucheck™ Intelli checks for more than 70 solid tumour based cancers. It does not detect blood cancers.

What happens if I get a positive test result ?

Positive test results will require further investigation. As this is a new test, any positive result will be case managed by your Concierge doctor. Through our partnership, we have access to renowned oncologists and specialists who understand the technology behind the tests and who will work with you and us in the event of a positive test result.

How often do I need to take the tests?

Clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of Trucheck™ when used as an annual test. Therefore, we recommend you take the test on a yearly basis.

Who is Trucheck™ suitable for?

Trucheck™ can help people without symptoms, who have a higher cancer risk, due to family history or age.

Is this test covered by my private health insurance?

You will need to check with your insurer regarding what your specific policy covers. It is unlikely that the cost of the test is covered, but we are advised by Datar Cancer Genetics that a number of insurers have covered the cost of investigations in those cases with a positive result.

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Posted 29/09/2022