Private Medical Membership Service from Concierge Medical

We will always advocate the best personal treatment that you require, and work tirelessly to find the best options that are available either locally or nationally. We’ll take ownership of your health concerns and help you through the journey.

  • No hidden extras

  • A lead, named private GP

  • Flexible appointments at home, or the office, at times that suit you

  • Access to our dedicated 24/7 telephone advice line

  • Home visits from your private doctor

  • No restrictions on age or medical conditions

  • Urgent ‘on the day’ appointments always available

  • Private referrals to the best consultants and experts

  • Direct access to your private doctor via secure email, text,  phone or video call

  • Complimentary provision of complete courses of medication

  • Concierge Pharmacy services – delivered to your door

  • Private prescriptions

  • Annual flu vaccines

  • Arrangement of bespoke immunisations

  • Arrangement of blood tests at home with next day results

  • Well Woman/Well Man Health Checks

  • Access to our Health Concierge of health professionals

  • Access to Covid 19 – Tests to Travel

  • Medical documents for licences, employment, visa, passport, insurance, sport or travel.

You’ll enjoy a private dedicated telephone number that connects directly to our doctors through the night, at weekends, and during bank holidays. For simple advice and reassurance, one of our doctors will be there to assist you in whatever way possible.

If there are more complex issues you may want assessed, or maybe you want to discuss specific treatments and referrals, we can happily arrange an appointment at home during the day at a time that suits you.

You will never have a wait to access a doctor – you’ll always be seen on the day for urgent issues if required, and you need not worry about consulting an unfamiliar or locum physician. All our doctors share the same ethos and way of working.

Our traditional General Practice values mean that time to listen and understand your concerns is of utmost importance. Never feel rushed or ill-informed during appointments – we’ll always make the time available for you.

“I can’t believe I’ve seen my doctor at HOME twice in one week! Understanding and professional Doctors, from a satisfied client. EXCELLENT SERVICE.”

Mrs MI – Chipping Norton

Join us today

To apply for membership of Concierge Medical : Contact us, either by phone on 01451 600900, email at or online.

We’ll arrange to discuss your requirements and arrange a doctor’s visit if required, or send you an application pack in the post or via email.

On receipt of your completed application, you can immediately start to experience healthcare on your terms.

Take your time

We won’t ever rush you and we’ll always take time to listen


A time to suit you

We’ll come to you, at a time and place that is convenient



See your doctor as often as you need to, all included in the plan


No queues

We don’t operate like the NHS, get straight through every time



You’ll have a dedicated doctor to manage your health


The doctor-patient relationship is one that we truly value. This is why we limit membership and reject rushed patient care. Get to know your GP and discover the incredible impact this can have on your care.


Private healthcare offers all of the benefits you would expect from your GP and so much more. Our private doctors respond to your needs, offering support every step of the way through your journey to health.


Where further tests are required, we handle these with the utmost discretion. We can arrange to have tests and examinations conducted in your own home, so you can be comfortable and in familiar surroundings.


See a private doctor at a time that suits you. We carry out home visits for those times when travelling is the last thing you want. For added peace of mind, you can even reach your private doctor by phone or email.


Primary care for when you’re unwell, urgent care for when it can’t wait, and preventative care for when you just want to take a healthier approach to life. Our service is completely bespoke to the patient.


We aren’t tied to any hospitals, treatment centres, insurance companies or restrictive methods of working. This means we can approach patient care with an independent mindset and put the needs of our patients first and foremost.

Access to our Health Concierge

Navigating healthcare services can be a complex and convoluted journey. Often, the stress associated with illness is enough, without the worry of waiting for appointments, trying to arrange suitable tests and opinions, or simply knowing who to turn to for help.

We are changing the way our clients access further specialist opinion and treatments. By forging professional links with individuals and providers that share our ethos, we are improving the overall experience for our clients. We will always advocate the best personal treatment that you require, and work tirelessly to find the best options that are available either locally or nationally. We’ll take ownership of your health concerns and help you through the journey.

Our growing Health Concierge is an integral part of our practice, ensuring an exacting standard of health care and an improved experience for our clients.

Consultant network

Consultant network

Simply being referred to a ‘private specialist’ does not always guarantee the quality of opinion and treatment you receive. We spend time researching and developing close working relationships with consultants, both locally and in London, that we believe not only offer the best clinical care, but a better overall experience for our clients.

Allied health professionals

It’s not only the best treatments from consultants that our clients expect, but having access to a network of supportive health professionals is often an important part of any medical treatment. Physiotherapists, psychotherapists, nurses, and acupuncturists to name but a few, can all help you on your road to recovery. We have strong relationships with teams of health professionals who we know we can trust to help our members.

Allied health professionals
Private hospitals

Private hospitals

By spending time developing relationships with health care facilities both locally and in London, we are able to provide additional options to our members, whether it’s improved access to referrals pathways or discounts on certain tests and investigations.

Private Individual Membership Fees

Your monthly membership fees are fully inclusive of visits, advice and any medications that we provide. There are no hidden extras – there is no joining fee, and no charges for writing private prescriptions, completion of any medical documents, standard letters or referrals as required.

Above all, your doctors make no charge for their time.

Our monthly Membership for Individuals and families are:

Age Individual Couple
18-49 £90 £135
50-74 £110 £165
Over 75 £130 £195
Children under 18 £25 per child (with parents registering)

We’re happy to discuss packages for large or extended families – please contact us for details.

Estate Membership

We understand the time, dedication and demands of running an estate. Our unique annual Estate
Membership enables your personnel and visitors to benefit from Concierge Medical’s clinical care
and support. Your estate operation is never compromised with your team covered for urgent medical
attention and preventative healthcare.

Corporate Membership

There may be a very specific medical need that your business has – from on-site clinics and testing, annual vaccination programmes, 24/7 advice or a responsive doctors visiting service. Our independence and flexible ways of working means we can offer solutions that other providers simply cannot manage. And why not consider the options for your key members of staff? The truth is, many would benefit far more from flexible, prompt, efficient access to primary care than traditional private health insurance schemes. Key staff members, and their families, can benefit from excellent healthcare provision as part of a our corporate schemes.

Private International Membership

Unlike UK based policies, many overseas health insurers will cover our services. If you’re a foreign national residing in the UK and you possess international health insurance, then please contact to discuss the options available to you.

Specialised Services

Our standard monthly fees reflect the needs of most individuals with commonly occurring conditions that would be managed by a GP. By their very nature, our Specialised Services are highly individual, personalised packages of medical support and care, and as such, will be priced on an individual basis. We will discuss this in advance and present you with a clear schedule of our fees for our services.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Remote Membership

As the UK’s first private medical concierge service, you may struggle to find a similar service elsewhere in the UK. Membership is often sought after from outside of our catchment area in the quest for access to a responsive and trusted GP service. Enjoy the benefits of virtual consultations via the telephone or video with one of our private doctors in addition to our membership services. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

“Best thing I ever did was to join Concierge Medical – the kindest doctors who drop everything to come to your rescue. I recommend them!”

Lady Bathurst – Cirencester

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