Today we mark World Family Doctor Day, held on this day every year to highlight the role and contribution of family doctors in health care systems around the world.

At Concierge Medical, we recognise the value of the traditional family doctor-patient relationship, a role which has changed a lot in recent years.

Here’s our medical director, Dr Simon Gillson, with his thoughts…

“The role of the family doctor has changed – it is all about pressure and numbers. Rather than seeing 30 or 40 patients a day, we prefer an old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship, where we know our families very well. It is the sort of relationship people used to have with their GPs.

“There is nothing like seeing someone face-to-face, not just to see their condition but to understand how they are managing it at home. And it’s easier for us, because we know our patients so well.”

We are also recruiting at the moment, so if any GPs out there hark after the days of knowing their patients, having time, flexibility and independence, then they might consider joining our team of family doctors. Find out more here.