Published Dec 2020

Dr Alia Fahmy grew up in Yorkshire and moved to London to study medicine at Imperial College. She started working in a busy GP surgery in Leamington Spa after her training and was there for 11 years, nine as a partner. She joined Concierge Medical earlier this year.

For me, the attraction of Concierge Medical was about providing continuity of care, having the time to spend with your patients and the opportunity of a better work/life balance.

Working in the NHS is incredibly intense. You know that when you finish with your patients it isn’t the end of your day as you have a mountain of paperwork to deal with.

With Concierge, the main thing is looking after your patients. There is much more job satisfaction when you can build a better relationship with them – it’s the whole idea of ‘cradle to grave’ care.

It always gives me so much variety, too, from dealing with tiny babies to the elderly.

Working at Concierge has definitely improved my job satisfaction. I’m able to spend as much time as needed with each patient, without feeling like there are five other patients waiting for me. I can listen, ask questions and take the time I need.

Things can take an hour – and they should. You can’t always get a proper grasp on the patient’s need in a 10-minute appointment.

There is also a much better work/life balance, so it is good for my family life. I can drop my kids off at school and pick them up again. Without that, you can miss out on an awful lot.

It’s helped my own wellbeing, too, to the point that I am enjoying being a doctor again! You don’t get that ‘Monday morning feeling’ any more, which is a refreshing change.