Looking into private health cover?

We sent a news item out earlier in the year about the launch of the Concierge Medical Private Health Plan, as an option for private medical insurance.

We’re often asked about private health insurance and would like to ensure that all members that may be looking into private health cover are aware of the Concierge Medical plan available to them through HMCA.

We have negotiated with HMCA Members to offer discounted rates for private medical cover exclusively for Concierge Medical Practice Members and their families. The Concierge Medical Care Plan is a comprehensive plan which provides generous cash benefits for surgery and other charges.

Some elements of the plan include:

  • Guaranteed acceptance for Concierge Medical members and their families, subject to terms and conditions. All ages are accepted and medical examination is not required.
  • Diagnostic referrals, such as blood tests and scans, recommended and carried out by Concierge Medical included subject to the Description of Benefits.
  • Choose from over 500 hospitals country-wide and specialists of your choice.
  • Claims are settled promptly.
  • Excellent UK based personal member services.

When we communicated this earlier in the year, we had quite a few questions from members, and through it would also be useful to include these below:

Concierge Medical Health Plan Q&A

Q.  May I transfer from my medical plan to the Concierge Medical Care Plan?
A.  Yes. If you are in a medical plan you can transfer to the Medical Care Plan.

Q.  If I transfer from another provider, will I be covered for pre-existing medical conditions?
A.  Yes, when you transfer any future claims made for acute conditions originating at the time you were participating in your previous plan will be honoured. However, when you join if you are undergoing treatment or investigations, these are excluded unless fully disclosed and accepted by us. For more details telephone the helpline on 01423 798190.

Q.  I have no existing private medical cover, can I join and will I be covered for pre-existing medical conditions?
A.  Yes, you can join and after one full year’s membership, providing you have been treatment and symptom free for 12 consecutive months, any pre-existing medical condition that occurred prior to joining us will be covered.

Q.  May I choose the hospital which treats me?
A.  Yes. There are no restrictions, you can use any of the hospitals detailed on our comprehensive list. If your preferred hospital is not listed, please contact our Helpline.

Q.  Is treatment carried out by Concierge Medical included?
A.  Diagnostic tests, such as blood tests and scans, recommended and carried out by Concierge Medical are included (subject to the Description of Benefits).

Q.  Is the scope of the Medical Care Plan wider than many others?
A.  As well as providing comprehensive benefits for treatment of acute medical conditions the Plan has a number of very important extra features which extend the scope:

  • It includes treatment for injuries sustained whilst playing sport.
  • Cover continues whilst you are abroad on holiday or business for up to six months, at no extra cost.

Q.  What happens if I am admitted to an NHS hospital?
A.  If you choose to have all your treatment solely through the NHS you will receive £200 a night spent in hospital, for up to 30 nights. Of course, this is tax-free cash which you keep to spend as you wish.

Q.  I run a small business, can I join my staff up to this plan without them being members of Concierge Medical Practice?
A.  Yes, as long as the owners of the business are members of Concierge Medical, then the business will have access to sign its staff members up to the Plan.

Q.  I have family members who are not members of Concierge Medical as they live outside the Practice’s catchment area. Can they join the plan?
A.  As long as at least one member of the family is a member of Concierge Medical, then other family members can sign up to the Plan. They can pay separately.

For further information and quotations contact HMCA by telephone on the dedicated Concierge Medical enquiry number 01423 798190 or visit the website here: www.hmca.co.uk/concierge