Given the Prime Minister’s press conference on Saturday, we’re updating our Covid 19 newsletter rather sooner than we thought likely. At present, the new lockdown measures will be in place until December 2.

New measures

New guidelines were imposed at midnight overnight, some being similar to those used in the initial March lockdown.

You must not leave, or be outside your house, except for these specific purposes:

  • For work or providing voluntary/charitable services
  • Essential activities ie. buying food, medicines etc
  • To fulfill legal obligations (eg. buying or renting a property)
  • Education and childcare
  • For medical reasons (including for Covid testing)
  • For worship
  • To visit people in your support bubble

There are also guidelines covering how to meet people safely:

  • You can exercise or meet in public with your family, your support bubble or one other person. This time should be minimised and 2 metre social distancing should be employed
  • You can not meet socially indoors unless it is with members of your household or support bubble

Full guidelines

The full guidelines are available on the GOV.UK website.