Published: Feb 2024

Concierge Medical is thrilled to announce their ongoing support for Zak O’Sullivan, the young and talented local racing driver from Cheltenham. As Zak’s formula 2 career races forward, it’s never been more important to have top-notch medical care. Concierge Medical remains committed to ensuring Zak’s health and well-being remain in peak shape throughout his journey.

Motorsports, by their very nature, place immense physical stress on drivers as they need the stamina to endure severe G forces and extreme heat, all while maintaining the highest levels of focus. Concierge Medical understands the unique challenges faced by athletes in the racing world and is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical reviews, tests, diagnostics and referrals to specialists when needed.

As you can imagine, driver medicals go far beyond standard check-ups and focus on the specific health requirements essential for competitive racing. Zak and Dr Simon Gillson, his dedicated doctor at Concierge Medical, work closely together to ensure he meets and exceeds the rigorous health standards set for professional racing.

Zak O'Sullivan Celebrates with Concierge Medical

In 2020 he ventured into the highly competitive British F4 race series, recording significant wins and narrowly missing out on the title, Zak finished as vice-champion missing out on the title by just 4 points.

The move to Formula 3 was no surprise, solidifying his position as a rising star in the world of motorsports, in Jan 2021 he became the youngest-ever BRDC superstar alongside some of the greatest names. An incredible debut season with numerous wins and podium finishes winning the title by a clear 164 points.

2022 and 2023 saw two seasons of F3, impressing with strong performances throughout, he finished the 2023 season after a distinguished year of wins, pole positions and 5 podium finishes, closing the season as runner up and with the most race wins of any driver in the championship.

Looking Ahead:

2024 is revving up to be the most exciting year of Zak’s career so far, as he races into the world of F2. Concierge Medical stands alongside him, providing unwavering support for his health and fitness needs. The partnership embodies the strong commitment Concierge Medical has to its clients’ whatever their endeavours. The collaboration with Zak O’Sullivan signifies the practice’s commitment to supporting individuals in reaching their peak potential, both professionally and personally.

Want to get involved?

If like us, you would like to get involved in Zak’s F2 endeavours the team have just launched the 500:500 Business Club. Inviting 500 like minded businesses to become members with the aim of raising funds to go directly towards Zak’s F2 season. For more info read here: