Published June 2023

An allergy is a response (or hypersensitivity) to something that is usually harmless, but produces an overreaction in the body. Things like pollen, dust, animal fur, and foods such as peanuts, milk and eggs can cause reactions in people from mild to sometimes very serious.

The most common symptoms of an allergic reaction can be a runny nose or sneezing, pain or tenderness around your cheeks, itchy skin or a rash, diarrhoea, swelling around the eyes, lips, mouth and throat. Of course if you experience any of the latter symptoms then you should dial 999 immediately.

If you are concerned that you or your child may have an allergy, and you would like a clear understanding of what it is, and how to manage it, please get in touch with your private GP. The private doctors here at Concierge Medical can talk you through the most common treatments for allergies, and arrange allergy tests for you if needed. These tests usually include a skin prick, or patch test, blood tests, keeping a food diary, or potentially a special diet.

It is important to know that allergies are different from intolerances. All allergies will produce an immune response (creation of antibodies) in the body which can be tested for. Intolerances, which are usually associated with food, will create an adverse reaction within the digestive system, and can not be identified through testing, but through a carefully managed food diary and isolating potential triggers.

Through our network of pathology partners, we are able to provide comprehensive allergy testing services at home at extremely competitive prices. Many results are returned within 1-2 days

Typical prices range from around £30 for a single allergen such as peanuts, around £130 for a broad panel such as Dairy, and around £560 for more complex combined panels of both food and inhalant allergens.

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