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There are always new cases of meningitis in the UK, with meningitis B being responsible for around half of those infections. It is easily preventable by a simple course of vaccinations which after much campaigning and lobbying i has been licenced for use in the UK since 2015. It is available now on the NHS to babies, in a 3 dose course, as part of their early years vaccination schedule. Campaigning continues to get the availability of the vaccine increased to older children.

So how does the vaccine work?

The MenB vaccine is made from 3 major proteins found on the surface of most meningococcal bacteria, combined with the outer membrane of 1 MenB strain. Together, they stimulate the immune system to protect against future exposures to meningococcal bacteria.

We are often asked by parents of children, who may have missed their Meningitis B vaccine for various reasons, if we can provide the vaccine. The answer is yes, we are happy to visit you and your child at home and ensure the vaccination is performed in the comfort of your own home. Our private GPs have immunised children across the Cotswolds, Warwickshire, and surrounding areas.

You may also know that, as a practice, we are staunch supporters of Meningitis Now and have raised funds for the charity. The charity has made a significant impact already at reducing the impact of this devastating illness. To find out more about the charity, their research, and how you can get involved take a look at their website. Meningitis Now

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